The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.
Karl Marx
The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.
Charles Bukowski

Britain ‘must be leader on GM crops’

Environment minister says UK is falling behind on GM, which ‘could be as important as the agricultural revolution’

How about no, looks like Monsanto is buying out British politicians too now.

The standing man, showing that no matter how hard Erdogan and his government try, with their water canons and rubber bullets and tear gas the human right of freedom of speech and expression will never be completely suppressed in Turkey.

The standing man, showing that no matter how hard Erdogan and his government try, with their water canons and rubber bullets and tear gas the human right of freedom of speech and expression will never be completely suppressed in Turkey.

What are honour killings?

Honour killings in theory are vicious acts in which a person usually a woman is murdered for ‘bringing shame’ upon their families. It is particularly vile for the fact that they are enacted for the sole purpose of maintaining a man’s dominance in the household.

What constitutes an honour killing?

There are various things which can spark an honour killing, these include,

Marital partner, the way they dress, general conformity to the culture they are expected to respect, sexuality, behaviour with the opposite sex and education and employment.

In essence, they are killed for not fitting someone else’s view of what they should be like, this is an extreme case of what is called ‘Honour based violence’ or HBV for short, it is generally found in Islam of which they are under a strict code of conduct of what they can or cannot do. Linking to this, there is still a strong case of a divide between masculine muslims and feminine Muslims, thus for a woman to do something that is considered ‘masculine’ would be considered unnatural and would in some cases constitute an honour killing.

What is wrong on so many levels is that just because the family of the victim  is displeased with their marriage choice or their ‘unbecoming behaviour’ then they would be murdered, it is outrageous.

It is thought that ‘honour killings’ originated from the tribal custom of punishing females that had brought ‘disgrace’ to their families. One thing that is striking is that there is little scriptural evidence to support these honour killings, and the families that do it are acting not of the religious texts they follow but rather what they see as an idealised form of their religion, even when what they do contravenes against major elements of their core texts.

Honour killings in the UK

As is highly documented and discussed, their is a large multicultural element to British society a ‘melting pot’ of religions and customs, and though no doubt there has been honour killings in the past, they only recently started to get reported. In 2009, 211 cases of crime ‘motivated by honour’ had been reported, 129 of these were criminal offenses.

There is little doubt that these acts are seen as barbaric and savage and rightly so, it is interesting to see as the typical male dominated household prevails in Muslim households, it does not in non Muslim households. Many parents would ask the question ‘how could they kill their own daughter/son? it is quite truly a horrendous crime, but one must realise that the parents of the daughter/son would have been ‘shamed’ in their local community and would be socially excluded from the community, in a tightly knit community ties mean everything.

Also, though indeed women continue to be the main victims of ‘honour killings’ one must understand that while there is a gender imbalance of who get’s subjected to these crimes, about 15% of the total victims of ‘honour based crime’ were men and young boys, and linking to that 25% of the total victims of honour based crime were under the age of eighteen.

There are currently on average, 5,000 honour killings per year globally. 1/5 (1000) occur in Pakistan alone, There are a further 1,000 honour killings in India and 12 reported honour killings in the UK. This must stop, in a civilised society, it has no place.

I leave you with this quote from MADRE an international women’s human rights organization that uses human rights to advance social justice.

"the purpose of honor crimes is to maintain men’s power by denying women basic rights to make autonomous decisions about marriage, divorce and sexuality"

What do you think about this barbaric practice?

Andy, Muslims do not want to integrate into British society. THEY themselves do not want to be British.

Female cover themselves up in niqabs, which is highly rude and anti-social, the inhumane treatment of farm animals (in ‘Halal’ slaughter), offensive attitudes towards women and homosexuals, religiously segregated schooling… the list goes on. If Muslims don’t like the West, and can’t fit in, why choose to live here?

Xenophobic Telegraph  user.

I found this to be a sweeping offensive generalisation he made, there are millions of British Muslims that have fully embraced the nuances of British society, look at the Mosque offering tea and biscuits to the EDL members last week. I ended the debate I was having because xenophobia can’t be tackled in the short term, but needs to be tackled in the long term.

Western intervention in Syria or no western intervention in Syria?

Potential regime change of an anti-west and anti-Israeli government for a more pro-west and pro-Israeli government?

Or actually humanitarian aid?

Answer with your opinion.

Absolutely disgusting.
Brutal police treatment.
G8 protests - Squatters.

Absolutely disgusting.

Brutal police treatment.

G8 protests - Squatters.

School failure ‘could fuel drift to EDL’

Failure by Britain’s comprehensive schools risks fuelling the drift by jobless and unskilled groups toward extremist organisations such as theEnglish Defence League, the government’s chief inspector of schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw, has warned.

But the mass media’s failing to smash the generalization of ‘all Muslims are terrorists’ doesn’t? 

In my opinion, that’s the main cause of people drifting to the EDL for answers. The media reports of Muslims beheading soldiers, but if the person was white they wouldn’t have mentioned their religion. They are one of the catalysis for right-wing extremism. The mass media must properly address the issue and stop subconsciously discriminating against non-whites. 

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